Winter 2021

What to expect in 2022?

A selection of predictions from this year's Best of the Year winners, who wade in on what they think and wish will come true in 2022.

Canadian-made series made waves globally in 2021

Recent data from Parrot Analytics offers insight about what Canadians are watching and what homegrown content is most in demand.

Programmer profile: Corus Studios

The division of Corus Entertainment ends the year with a new sales record, buoyed by an expanded sales team, and enters 2022 looking for 'le...


Tribute: The marble universe

Forged from the comradeship and combined ambition of Matt Hornburg and Mark Bishop, marblemedia commemorates 20 years of growth.


Acts of service: Balancing the two sides of Canada’s booming production sector

We examine different and sometimes clashing perspectives on striking a balance between the costs and benefits of foreign location service pr...

Valerie Creighton

Changemaker Organization of the Year: Canada Media Fund

How the CMF is steering its ship toward a different model.


Changemaker of the Year: Tonya Williams

The Reelworld Screen Institute founder is finally finding support for the industry-building ideas she planned over two decades ago.


Film of the Year: Le Guide de la famille parfaite

The Quebec feature launched on Netflix after amassing $2.1 million at the box office.


Unscripted Series of the Year: Chanteurs masqués

Unmasking the success of TVA’s shiny floor success and how it all plays into the plan to reach large audiences, and engage young viewers.


Director of the Year: Danis Goulet

Her dystopian debut feature film Night Raiders made a celebrated trip around the film circuit and broke box office records.


Newsmaker of the Year: Amazon Prime Video

The global streamer made headlines throughout 2021 as it unveiled its Canadian strategy and hired its first domestic content executive – a...


Prodco of the Year: Proper Television

The Toronto-based unscripted entertainment producer found real success in format adaptations and building on its star power, confident in th...

Josh Scherba 2021

Media Company of the Year: WildBrain

After a tough two years, WildBrain is on the road to recovery fueled by brand building, creativity and global business development monetizin...


Showrunner of the Year: Anthony Q. Farrell

The showrunner of the year is unafraid to voice and act on inequities in the screen industry while creating a positive, fun and safe environ...


Executive of the Year: Sally Catto

How does she follow the global success of Schitt’s Creek, Kim’s Convenience and Workin’ Moms? CBC’s general manag...

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